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    This project is located to the east of Shenyang-Sujiatun Expressway in Sujiatun and to the north of Shenyang Sport University, conveniently sited, providing direct access to Shenyang South Station, Olympic Sports Center and Taoxian Airport, in close proximity to the New Shenyang South Station, surrounded by such important buildings as Hunnan Hospital, Shenyang Sport University, District Government, Green Island Football School, Shenyang New Convention and Exhibition Center, with Shenyang Metro Lines 4 and 10 passing the project.


    Project Address: No. 1009 Nanjing South Street, Sujiatun District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

    Tel: 024-82513888

    Project Website: http://huafudanjun.thedailypalin.com

    【Products for Sale】

         Yuehu Package plus fully upgraded house layout 

    The king building with a park center landscape launched in 2017 features fully upgraded plus house layout, 150㎡ , with three rooms, two halls and two bathrooms, more spacious, super-large building spacing, greeted by beautiful view and fragrance of flowers when window opened, a panoramic view of the 6000 ㎡ lake, slab-type building, one elevator for one suite, very luxurious elevator antechamber design. 

        Yuehu Package plus 60-90㎡ new products, worth looking forward to 

    The 60-90㎡ new products are expected to be launched in 2017 to meet the expectations of more customers with rigid demand for such products. 


    Project Profile

    The project involves a planned land area of about 244510 ㎡ and a floor area of 720,000㎡, stretching east to Guihua Road in the east (not formed yet, currently farmland and temporary road), south to Shenyang Sport University, west to Shenyang-Sujiatun Expressway and north to Qingyu Road. 

    Development Concept

    Project located in the high-end area, Huarui Century will set up a quality benchmark again to establish its status in Sujiatun area. Huarui Century has rich experience in the construction of properties around Olympics sports centers. The Sujiatun Project will perfectly bring out Huarui Century's years of industry experience.