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    Harves Taoyuan Quarters is located in the emerging community of northern Shenyang city with a strong natural and cultural living environment.

    Project Profile

    Occupying 200,000 square meters of land with a construction area of 370,000 square meters, Harves Taoyuan Quarters sought to become the “life of the city” which it has since its commencement. Begun in March 2006 and completed in the same year, Harves Taoyuan Quarters exemplifies the trademark “quality and efficient” work of Harves Century. Boasting an occupancy rate of 98% in 2006, Harves Taoyuan Quarters has exceeded the expectations of its proprietors and continues to grow.

    Development Concept

    Each detail of Harves Taoyuan Quarters reflects Harves Century’s commitment to quality and efficiency. In this project, Harves Century once again takes advantage of the natural environment of the community to create and integrate a successful product in the framework of the area.