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  • Huajing Changbai Coastal Bay

    It is in the region of Changbai Island of Shenyang. Since the island borders on the northern bank of the Hun River and takes the form of the Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone whose functions of long-term planning and designing are similar to the former, it is bound to become the “Lujiazui” of Shenyang. The Changbai Island covers an area of 5 sq km in the form of water caltrop and is surrounded by the 10km roundabout water system, hence the fame of the currently largest ecological island in the north of China.

    Project Profile

    The Huajing Chengbai Coastal Bay is the relocation project constructed by the Harves Century authorized by the Shenyang Heping District Government with the construction area totaling nearly 300,000㎡.

    Development Concept

    The new proposal of the Harves Century joins hands with the government to practice the corporate accountability. This cooperation is the first joint efforts between the Harves Century and the government, becoming the quintessence of “zero-profit” favor and the society. In the same process, as the successful practice of the Group to realize corporate responsibilities, it reflects the strategic routine of long-term development of the enterprise.