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    Rich New World covers an area of 168,000 m2, involving a total floor area of 1.5 million m2 and a total investment amount of over 10 billion Yuan. The project is an urban complex project created by Shenyang Huarui Century Group, designed by a specially invited top-level planning and design company, US RTKL. Phase II of the project consists of 14 high-rise products, involving 6 business formats, i.e. 5A-grade office buildings, urban apartments, high-end residential buildings, a large shopping center, a bustling commercial street and a star hotel.

    Rich New World Project, located in Shenyang Financial Ecological Demonstration Area and the North Station Business Circle, with the large, medium and small-sized enterprises having offices in the business district, indicating a strong business atmosphere, with a huge transport hub (Shenyang North Station, numerous bus routes, Huyue Quick Bus, Long-distance Bus General Station nearby), Metro Line 2 (seamless connection between the Financial Center Station and the shopping mall of the project) and large shopping malls (FTC Financial Center Shopping Plaza, Huafu World Shopping Mall) a support, plus the influence of Huafu New World's own brand, will become a business circle with development potentials in future! 

    Products for Sale】

    Existing 30-950㎡ street stores, 69-136㎡ well-decorated residence, existing 90-1800㎡ offices. 

    Project Address:  Door 24-27, building B2, financial center, no.17-3 tuanjie road, shenhe district, shenyang city, liaoning province

    Tel: 024-22518888

    Project Website: http://richnewworld.thedailypalin.com 

    Project Location

    The project is sited at the western starting point of Shenhe District Financial Ecological Demonstration Area, Shenyang, stretching east to Huigong Square, west to the North Station of the Northeast Traffic Hub, and south to east-west fast urban trunk road, in the three most valuable central areas in Shenyang, i.e. CBD, the Central Government District and the North Station Business District. 

    Geographic Traffic

    The project is located in the downtown area, conveniently sited, 600m from Shenyang North Station, the largest railway station in Northeast China, 800m from Huyue Fast Bus of the Long-Distance Passenger Station, more than 1/3 bus lines in Shenyang passing the project, seamless connection between the Financial Center Station of Metro Line 2 and the shopping center of the project on the first floor underground. The opening and operation of the metro line has brought unlimited business opportunities and wealth to the project. Huafu New World will definitely become the most brilliant landmark in this region.