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    The Tawan region is another booming area in the Huanggu District of Shenyang, bordering the Tiexi District in the southwest and Yangtze Street. Because of this, it enjoys the privileges of the municipal support of both the Huanggu District and the Tiexi District which makes it a brilliant prospect for development.

    Project Profile

    Known as the first monumental work of real estate in the area, Harves Tawan Quarters aims to create quality communities like the region had never experienced before. As the first project of Harves Century, Harves Tawan Quarters has laid a solid foundation for Harves Century’s in the Shenyang and northern China regions. This project occupies approximately 400,000 square meters land and the construction area covers approximately 500,000 square meters.

    Development Concept

    Since the beginning of Harves Century, the organization’s philosophy has maintained in effort in “doing everything with dedication and holding honest as the best policy”. Harves Tawan Quarters has maintained these principles while performing its various activities such as creating quality community culture, increasing the quality of life, and providing a completely new lifestyle in the region.