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    In 2005, the Shenyang Municipal Government focused on a reform movement to build and use the North Station as the cornerstone of the city and as a catalyst for the development of the Shenyang area as well as northeastern China. They also aimed to determine the core role of the Golden Corridor Belt region and directed the CBD development. Meanwhile, Harves Century group continued to work with its central commercial plots in the Golden Corridor Belt and began working on the construction of the Richgate Project as a leader in the North Station area.

    Project Profile

    With a total area of approximately 240,000 square meters, Richgate is commonly known as the largest commercial complex in the northeast and has become the cultural exchange center of the region. Under the support of prestigious domestic and foreign business partners, Richgate has thrived within the heart of the city and embraced the cultural diversity brought by the numerous industries it has drawn. Its outstanding software and hardware facilities and advanced operation concepts have facilitated the merging of various, respectable businesses of different industries while forming new and innovative commercial operation patterns in the region.

    The second phase of the Richgate construction project also resides in the core of the Golden Corridor Belt and to the north of the first project. This construction aims to revitalize the original project with upgraded plans for its 100,000 square meter site and over one million square meter construction area. This project has been a widely respected residential area and municipal center for business, commerce, and trade. These projects maintain a strong foundation and provide numerous services for the surrounding area and help define the city of Shenyang.

    Development Concept

    Taking the lead in Shenyang, Harves Century has established a new business landmark in Richgate while creating a magnetic effect for commerce in the Bohai Rim of Shenyang. In constructing these preeminent building complexes for residence homes, business offices, and hotel accommodations, Harves Century has bolstered the central city of Shenyang and enhanced the city overall.